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How can healthcare professionals help to change things?

Physician heal thyself: the resilient, energised and positive practitioner is more likely to provide a firm foundation for a vibrant and effective healthcare system than is the practitioner who has neglected their own wellbeing.

For people with unexplained or complex or long-term conditions or with life-limiting illness, taking time to see beyond the symptoms or the disease to the whole person, and being better informed about potentially helpful complementary strategies, may result in patients who cope better, are less dependent on doctors, and who begin to take on more responsibility for their own condition.

Why should healthcare professionals join the BHMA?

For healthcare professionals, the BHMA provides a practitioner perspective on whole person care through member networks, its quarterly journal and regular education workshops. It provides a voice for the doctors and nurses practising in the mainstream who have first hand experience of the benefits of a holistic approach, both in respect of themselves and their patients. The BHMA encourages and supports healthcare students to become members and to get involved early in their careers.

How can CAM practitioners help to change things?

CAM practitioners can establish effective links with healthcare professionals, creating mutual respect and understanding. They can grow the evidence base for the effectiveness of CAM therapies and share information about good practice.

Why should CAM practitioners join the BHMA?

For CAM practitioners, belonging to the BHMA is an opportunity to share ideas and information about their practice and to engage with healthcare professionals in order to create a voice for a more holistic healthcare system in which complementary strategies are better understood and available to all.


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