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  • To join like-minded people supporting holistic practice in medicine.
  • A copy of each issue of the Journal of Holistic Healthcare
  • Online access to all past issues of the Journal of Holistic Healthcare
  • The opportunity to participate in local groups and conferences

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Annual Rates

Full Member: £48

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Overseas supplement to cover p&p: £20

Please note that with the online member rate you will not receive a postal copies of the Journal. You will, however, be able to access copies online in the GroupSpaces members area of the BHMA website


BHMA Membership

BHMA membership is open to everyone who supports a holistic approach to healthcare. Our aim is to promote holistic practice and to revitalise mainstream medicine. As part of an association of like-minded people we believe that members of the BHMA can both support one another and at the same time inform and influence the delivery of healthcare.

To achieve change in the healthcare system we need the support of those who work within it, those who work alongside it, and those who experience it. The BHMA, therefore, seeks to have a wide and inclusive constituency and aims to have relevance for all healthcare professionals, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners and those who are the main beneficiaries of a holistic healthcare system-patients themselves. The BHMA provides a forum to share information and discuss issues; it is committed to providing opportunities for people to learn more about holistic practice; and it provides a collective voice for all those seeking to change the way in which healthcare is delivered.

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RENEW - Full membership including the BHMA Journal by post - UK only


If you wish to receive multiple copies of the Journal by post or if you are not living in the UK please contact us

You can subscribe to our email list free of charge, but you will not have access to journals. Visit our GroupSpaces area and click to 'Join Mailing list' to do this.

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