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Dr William House



William House is a retired general practitioner interested in understanding health and illness in non-medical ways, especially the creative arts, and through the social and economic roots of health and illness. He undertakes research in primary care, including aspects of holistic practice. William leads a community development for health organisation in Keynsham, Somerset, UK, and writes absurd stage plays.


Peter Donebauer




Peter Donebauer has had a life long commitment to holistic life views. He is a full-time moving image artist (again) after 22 years running Diverse Production Ltd, one of the UK's most respected producers of broadcast factual programmes. His website


David Balen

David Balen is an adviser to Professional Bodies on Insurance and Practice Management Issues, and lectures and writes articles for journals regularly. He is a third-generation Insurance Broker and Independent Financial Adviser, whose Grandfather ran a successful Brokerage in the West End for many years. Having started life as a musician in the 1960s, he later joined the family business in 1970 after debating for some time whether to become a Health Professional himself. David was a Yoga Teacher for 7 years, and also qualified as a Healer, and has been involved in the Natural Health movement since the early 1970s.



Dr Su Mason

Su Mason has been a practicing spiritual healer for 12 years and is Chair of Leeds Healing Centre. She is Director of a Leeds-based charity 'The Positive Care Programme' (which provides a 24 week programme of complementary therapies and motivational workshops for people with long-term illness and carers). Su has a healthcare and research background (She used to be Senior Nursing Sister in a regional children's burn unit, has a PhD in nursing and was Joint Head of the Clinical Trials Research Unit at the University of Leeds until she resigned to set up the above charity).


Simon Mills

Simon Mills has been a leader, writer, researcher and practitioner of herbal medicine since 1977. He is now Project Lead for a DH research project Integrated Self Care in Family Practice at two large NHS practices. He set up innovative postgraduate programmes in complementary health care at the University of Exeter, integrated health at Peninsula Medical School, and the first MSc in Herbal Medicine in the USA. He is Managing Director of SustainCare Community Interest Company, a non-profit body that is integrating a new evidence-base and educational program for the use of plant remedies with other user-directed approaches to self care.


Ian Henghes

Ian is a visual communications specialist and the founder of a Soho video facilities company. Ian headed an interactive design division, and has Produced a wide range of projects especially in the heritage and arts sectors. Ian works primarily in online development, and enjoys a range of activities including phototography and teaching children ICT and film skills.


Dr Thuli Whitehouse

Thuli Tara Whitehouse is a recently qualified NHS GP and a Yoga Teacher. She has studied Medical Anthropology and studied and written on Ayurvedic Medicine. She has worked as a doctor in India and researched into wellbeing at work whilst working in Bristol. She is committed to the widest deployment of effective, diverse healthcare practice to bring optimal physical and psychological health to individuals and to communities.


Dr Antonia Wrigley (Vice Chair)

Antonia is a GP with an interest in Natural Medicine and Holistic Practice. She took time out of her medical training to explore different Healing Arts including gaining a BSc in Nutrition and training as a Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner.
In the future she would like to become more involved in Sustainability Issues and in enabling Healthy Communities.


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