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Beating Back Pain

SPECIAL OFFER Price: £12.50
Format: CD and booklet 
Published: August 2011 - Publisher: BHMA

Increasingly used in NHS programmes, this audio CD and booklet provide you with information, exercises and relaxation techniques for preventing and tackling back pain.

The Beating Back Pain pack can help you decide what to do when low back pain is a problem.  The CD explains about back pain, and guides you through useful exercises for flexibility, strengthening and relaxation.

BHMA Sound Health packs are for information only and are not intended to replace the diagnosis and advice of a suitably qualified health professional.








The Heart of Well-being
Seven tools for surviving and thriving
August 2010
By: Jan Alcoe

Price: £16.00
ISBN: 0954838629 - Format: Paperback
Published: August 2010 - Publisher: Janki Foundation for Global Health Care

The Heart of Well-being is a beautifully illustrated self-help book with inspiring audio CDs to enable us to be more in touch with and responsive to how we feel - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The information, CD tracks and simple, practical exercises will help to recover, protect and improve personal well-being, in order to:

  • feel energetic and well
  • cope with worry, stress, change and loss
  • care for one's self and develop self-confidence
  • sustain good relationships with others
  • discover personal fulfilment and inner meaning





Optimum healing:
A Practical Guide to Finding Holistic Health and Inner Peace
By: Dr Craig Brown

Price: £11.99
ISBN: 9780712671071 - Format: Paperback
Published: May 1998 - Publisher: Rider & Co

Optimum healing is an essential guide for everyone interested in what good health really means and how to obtain it. It is a highly readable book that offers many practical ways to improve your health. Dr Craig Brown shows that physical illness is often the expression of a deeper emotional and spiritual problem. The negative attributes of anger, depression, guilt, attachment and worry unless they are released true healing cannot occur. He also explains how the five main challenges of life- illness, change, accidents, old age and death need to be faced before reaching peace of mind.'






Lifting Your Spirits
Seven Tools for Coping with Illness
by: Jan Alcoe

Price: £15.50
ISBN: 095483861 0 - Format: Book and 2 CDs
Published: May 2008 - Publisher: Janki Foundation for Global Health Care

Lifting Your Spirits is a unique practical guide designed to help people coping with illness or disability. Drawing on the insights of those who have experienced the challenges of serious illness, it introduces seven simple tools to develop inner strength and enhance well-being on all levels. Each tool offers practical and inspiring ways of dealing with the physical and emotional upheaval and uncertainty which illness presents. Some focus on preparing for surgery and treatment, others on coping with pain, anxiety or depression. The guide can be used by individuals for their own sustenance, or introduced into patient support groups, treatment and therapy centres, hospices, day centres and other healthcare services. Jan is a freelance writer and facilitator in health and social care, and publishing and training consultant. She has written and edited many training and learning resources in health and social care. Having recently recovered from cancer, Jan has written a new self-help guide for patients with serious illness, based on her experiences, called 'Lifting Your Spirits' which is being published by the Janki Foundation for Global Health Care in May 2008. The beautifully illustrated book and two audio CDs provide guided relaxation and meditation, short daily practices and positive thoughts which will literally 'lift your spirits'.




  My Gift to You
Lou Beckerman

Price: £11.95
Fifty-six minutes of sound and song for relaxation and well-being, My Gift to You is used as a healing tool by many therapists, hospice workers, pain clinics, yoga teachers and hospital chaplains. It is also used by those who are grieving or dealing with serious or terminal illness, anxiety, stress or insomnia. Parents have reported using the music to soothe children to sleep. The album was also used for a project for social cohesion in the city of Maastricht. It seems to have a calming effect and can encourage and support the release of locked-away emotions. Tracklist





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