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The BHMA is committed to a more holistic approach in healthcare.

Holistic care covers five inter related dimensions:


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Integrative Medicine: Whole Person Medicine for the 21st Century

Integrative Medicine: Whole Person Medicine for the 21st Century

Lecture and discussion with Professor Andrew Weil MD - world-renowned leader and pioneer in integrative medicine
Director of the Arizona Centre for Integrative Medicine, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Public Health
University of Arizona, USA

Is the current healthcare crisis going to be solved by more hospitals, drugs and surgery, or by changing our approach?

Are doctors taught enough about nutrition and other lifestyle approaches to treating illness?

How can conventional and complementary medicine work together to suppor health and wellbeing?

....and much more!

7.30-9.00 pm Tuesday 7th June 2016

FREE but essential to book

More information and tickets


Dr David Zigmond

Dr Zigmond, founder member of BHMA, GP, psychiatrist and author, has published the anthology of his writings. Meet him in the video below speaking at the London launch of his books held at the Royal Society of Medicine in October 2015.

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Short version 2 mins - click to play                                                           Longer version 12 mins - click to play



For more about Dr Zigmond's books click HERE

BHMA Student Essay Competition 2016

BHMA Student Essay Competition 2016 is open!

The BHMA offers a prize of £250 for the undergraduate healthcare or medical student who submits the best 1,500 word essay. Closing date 31st March 2016.

For more information about the 2016 prize go to student page

You can click HERE to view the flyer with entry details

August 2015 Newsletter

View the August 2015 newsletter HERE

This issue provides a holistic view of four topical issues together with hyperlinks to information and evidence sources: 

MIGRATION AND HEALTH - this hard-hitting article looks at some of the root causes of the current huge and often tragic wave of migration towards Europe. We focus on Africa and why the root causes there tend to be ignored in most media.

STATIN NATION II - our review of this startling film which tells you the truth behind the current claims that most of us should be taking statin drugs to save us from heart attacks. If your gut intuition tells you that far fewer people really need to take these drugs, this film will tell you why you are right.

SPEAK UP FOR THE LOVE OF ... - brief report from the massive rally and lobby of MPs on 17th June 2015. It was organised by the Climate Coalition including the Climate and Health Council to press for more action on climate change. Nine thousand people from across the UK turned out to support the event. Hyperlink to prize-winning pictures of the day.

THE ANATOMY OF OVERDIAGNOSIS: osteoporosis - this is a conversation about overtreatment of osteoporosis with drugs where lifestyle change would be much preferable and probably more effective.

Read the newsletter HERE

Holistic Book Launch

BOOK LAUNCH 1st October: A remarkable holistic anthology

If you want good personal healthcare, See a Vet 

 - Industrialised Humanity: why and how should we care for one another

David Zigmond is a founder member of the BHMA and veteran NHS general practitioner and psychiatrist in Bermondsey, South East London. He has been writing about his work and the NHS for many years. This is the first time his writings have been gathered together and this truly remarkable achievement can be shown to the world. You will quickly see how prescient have been his pleas and warnings to anyone who would listen. With every year that passes, his work becomes more relevant.

      'What kinds of human suffering constitute illness? What is the difference between treatment and healing? What do other people want and need? Who decides?

       "The author conveys the human complexities confronting healthcare with sophisticatiion, clarity and delicate though rich imagination" Professor Sue Wheeler, University of Leicester.

Book Launch: 7pm Thursday 1st October 2015, London. Booking essential


BHMA Student Essay Prize 2015

BHMA Student Essay Prize 2015

Winners announced: once again two students share first prize

The standard of writing was again impressive and, as in 2014, the judges opted to share the prize. The joint winners this year are:

Eleanor Tanner and Lucy Brennan

Third place went to Tamar Witztum and fourth place to Julius Kremling, with special commendation to Louise Cox

For more information and photos go to the student page


February 2015 Newsletter

View the February 2015 Newsletter HERE

This issue provides a holistic view of three topical issues:

The A&E 'Crisis' in the NHS, using resilience as a unifying

thread, and complexity as an explanatory framework; the

annual BBC Reith Lectures from Dr Atul Gawande -

inspiring and thought-provoking in turns; a personal

account froma young GP intraining - the realities of life on

the front line. 

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Mindful Self Compassion

UK’s first ever 8 week ‘Mindful Self-Compassion’ course

This course based on the ground-breaking work of Kristen Neff and the clinical expertise of Christopher Germer starting on Wednesday 18th February 2015. The course has been subsidized so we are able to offer it at £100 in total!

Course venue: University of Westminster, Central London

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Who's reading the Journal of Holistic Healthcare?


Satish Kumar, writer, broadcaster, speaker, publisher and activist for reverential ecology has discovered our journal.


The Journal of Holistic Healthcare is published three times per year and provides unique insights into holistic healthcare, the ecology of health and wellbeing and sustainability. For more information click here.


2015 student essay prize

BHMA Student Essay Competition 2015 is open!

The BHMA offers a prize of £250 for the undergraduate healthcare or medical student who submits the best 1,500 word essay. Closing date 31st March 2015.

For more information about the 2015 prize go to student page

click HERE to view the flyer with entry details



on MINDFULNESS          

We asked complementary practitioner, John Kapp, and NHS GP, Dr David Zigmond to answer this question: 


"Would the mass provision through the NHS of standardised packages of mindfulness-based therapy be a good solution for the common mental health problems in our population?"

John says YES

David says NO!

Read their fascinating essays HERE

Then maybe listen to the BBC Radio 4 documentary on mindfulness last broadcast on 11th January 2014. This programme balances the Buddhist origins of mindfulness with contemporary research into its use as a therapy. Like John and David it presents opposing views in a stimulating way. Click to listen to the programme.

September 2014 newsletter

View the September 2014 newsletter HERE

This latest newsletter has two thought-provoking articles relating what we see and experience in the NHS to holistic healthcare - particularly the medicalisation and institutionalisation of everyday life. The first is about Too Much Diagnosis...

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July 2014 BHMA newsletter

View the BHMA July 2014 newsletter HERE

The July 2014 newsletter is themed on challenges to establishing a more holistic ethos in the NHS by looking at cardiovascular disease, Yoga and stomach surgery for obesity.....

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Mutha Courage - read this BLOG

In the form of a weekly blog, Mutha Courage is an account of a young woman's descent into postpartum psychosis. It is an extraordinary first person account of madness, of a husband's and other's attempts to hold the family together, of the response of the caring services. Reading from the beginning draws you into her world as it disintegrates and, we hope, is finally reassembled.

Thought for the Day

Try listening to this BBC Thought for the Day from Vishvapani, teacher   and writer on Buddhism

 and mindfulness. He speaks about medicine's limitations, about our need to think differently

 in caring for ourselves, about the value of being mindful and the vital importance of strong

well-connected communities. All of this in less then three minutes! It's a good message.


  Vishvapani Blomfield         


Student Essay Prize

 This year two students share the 2014 Student Essay Prize

As ever the standard was very high and the judges took the unusual step of awarding joint winners. The 2014 winners of the BHMA Student Essay Competition are: 

Chiara Catterwell-Sinkeldam and Laura Clapham

Third prize went to Olivia Sjökvist

 For more information and to read their essays click HERE

BHMA Newsletter

View the March 2014 BHMA newsletter HERE

The March 2014 newsletter continues the development of this publication. Following the December 2013 newsletter which followed an international unifying thread about language used to describe holism, the latest newsletter is themed on root causes. We take a look through the 'lens' of holism at the issues that sit behind many of our health and social problems. Read more...

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BURNOUT in healthcare practitioners

 There is a crisis of morale and resilience amongst UK NHS healthcare practitioners, especially GPs. Read about our appeal for support HERE

Understand more about poor performance in the NHS

Why does poor care happen in the NHS? What are the deep underlying causes?

Read WILLIAM HOUSE'S BLOG to get the inside story of why the NHS needs holistic thinking and practice. Get the BIG PICTURE HERE!

Ongoing responses to the Mid Staffordshire scandal

The failure of hospital care in Mid Staffordshire over several years may have disappeared from the news media, but the lessons must remain with us. If the hospital staff and management had taken a holisitc view of their work, the disaster would have been averted. Read about the various reports that are trying to grasp the lessons that we must all learn. Go to the NEWS section HERE.

BHMA Student Essay Competition WINNERS announced

There was a very high standard of student essays in this year's competition. The winner of the 2013 FIRST PRIZE is...


Read more HERE including the winning essay.

New Blog from Su Mason

Su Mason, trustee of the BHMA, has posted her first blog on 'what makes us human'.

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Lords vote for NHS privatisation - or do they?

The debate in the House of Lords in the evening of 24th April 2013 marks the end of a long battle to save the NHS...

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New Chair of BHMA

 On 9th March 2013 Dr William House became the new chair of the BHMA. William is ...

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